How to Boost the Page Rank of your Network Marketing Website

People do not spend a lot of time poring through search results when they are looking for a website. Instead, they pick the first one that grabs their interest. If your network marketing site is down the first page, or on the second or third page, you are losing customers and distributors every time someone clicks on a search in your niche. The higher that your site appears on the page, the more targeted users you will get. Increased traffic means increased leads, so you will want to use the advice in this article to optimize your site.

If you have a strong set of keywords, why doesnt your domain have them in it? The domain is one of the ways that search engines link queries with results, and so if your domain does not have keywords in it, you are missing out on opportunities for traffic. If you buy a domain that does have your keywords in it, it will push you up the page, and users will see your website before they see the sites of your competition. The end result is more traffic for you.


Dont stop with putting keywords in the domain. Also put keywords into your title tags. The more times your keywords appear on your important parts of your website, the higher your page will appear. You dont want more than, say, three to five percent of total saturation, but by putting your keywords in the right areas, you will increase the quality and quantity of your search results. Its not like the old days, when you could just load up keywords and then get traffic in. Google and other search engines have engaged crawlers that will sniff tricks like that out. You can, though, be smart with your keyword placement, and the search engines will reward you.


When you open your content, put keywords in the first sentence. Make sure that the sentence reads clearly you dont want to put off potential clients and distributors with shoddy English. However, if you put the keywords in, that will again boost the rank of your page. Keywords count, particularly if they are put in the right place. Be smart with your keyword placement and you will see the rewards on the search results.


Put plenty of space between your keywords in your content. You do want them to appear in the right places, but you dont want them to be so close that your user looks at the page and realizes that youre just saturating keywords to manipulate your search results, instead of producing quality content. You have to find a happy medium, so think about spacing your keywords out every 200 words or so. That will keep your saturation rate ideal and get you the rankings that you want.


Keywords drive search results through the engines. Be wise in selecting and placing these keywords in your content, and you will be rewarded with high quality search results.

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