How To Establish New Contacts For Your Network

If you use network marketing to sell products or promote your services, you know how important it is to find new contacts for your network. You should go over this article for some useful tips on how to find new contacts.Your existing contacts can be very helpful when it comes to generating new leads. You should befriend influential people and offer incentives to encourage your customers and acquaintances to refer their friends to you. More people will want to help you if they feel like they gain a certain status by associating with you.

This means you need to work on your image and become influential in a few circles to make people want to mention you and your products to their friends.

Attend events where you will be likely to meet potential customers. Conventions, festivals and trade shows are a great opportunity to present your products and find new leads. If possible, befriend the people who are influential enough to organize large gatherings and get them to invite you. Be on your best behavior and mention your products very discretely if you attend parties.

When meeting a new potential customer, do not mention your products first. You should spend a few minutes introducing yourself and finding out who they are. Let them pick a topic of conversation to get an idea of what interests them. Introduce your products in a subtle manner, for instance by presenting them as a solution to an issue they mentioned or talk about your products once the potential customer asks you what you do for a living. You will usually be able to tell right away if they are interested in the items you sell.

When meeting a potential customer, your goal is to get their contact information and the authorization to contact them very soon. Most people will give you their phone number or email address if you mention that you wrote a blog article on a topic they are interested in or if you let them know about the incentives you are offering. If an individual does not seem very interested in your products, let them know you offer incentives to the people who refer their friends to you.


Get back in touch with your new acquaintance the next day. Wait a little longer if you feel it is appropriate to do so, but do not wait too long or they will forget about you. Give them a phone call, send them a personalized email or meet them for a cup of coffee. It is very important to have a personal contact at this stage to show your potential customers you care about them. Again, let them pick a conversation and mention your products in a subtle way. If they still seem interested, give them more details and invite them to come visit you so they can test your products.


Remember these tips the next time you meet a new potential customer. Keep in mind that these methods will not work with all target audiences; adapt them to your customers and your products.

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