Play Firefighters: With The Best Viking Toys

Surely more than one child has said to his parents someday: “I want to be a firefighter . ” He has seen them on the street or on TV in their red toy log trucks , while the siren is running, running to put out a fire in a forest or to get people in danger from the burning buildings. And is that the firefighters are a figure worthy of admiration and respect, given that they are playing life so that others can live better.

To become a firefighter, everything starts with a first step. And, of course, that step is undoubtedly play the firefighters from little ones and use much, much the imagination. Although there are lots of toys with which you can assemble your own stories and start to become a hero from a very young age.

The first thing you need to play firefighters is to have a nice toy fire truck . In our online store you can find several, with different designs and for different ages.

Ideally, those fire trucks come with characters and have their own escalator, so you can extend it to save the victims of the fire. The Hape brand has some fire truck designs that we love, such as this wooden fire truck . It is red, comes with a yellow extendable ladder and comes with a firefighter.

Another truck model that is also very good is this from Wonderworld. In this case it is a detachable fire truck , and is recommended for children from one year and a half. It has a very nice and original design and the best thing about it is that it will allow the child to manipulate the toy to assemble it, which helps him to work the coordination between the eye and the hand.

Although the other two models are great (and in fact you can combine them with these), we will propose you an idea that you will like. Choose the Viking Toys fire truck , then you can combine it with other toys of the same brand and the same style and put together an incredible story.

The Viking toy log trucks measures 25 cm, has a very original and colorful design (in blue, red and yellow) and also includes two characters, so you can go running to put out fires . It is very resistant and handy and comes recommended for children from one year. Look at the picture.

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